2023 Breakfast Club Sponsorship

Complete the form to the right to inquire about 2023 sponsorship opportunities, when we will return for another year of thoughtful conversation over coffee, again tackling some of the hardest-hitting workplace topics influencing the link between learning and development and business strategy –– always led by experts of the industry. Same simple format, same great benefits!

Format: Each Breakfast Club event is 90 to 120 minutes:

-One 60-minute panel with Q&A
-One 15- to 20-minute FASTtalk with Q&A
-One 15- to 20-minute Audience Polling session
-Closing address

Benefits: One exclusive sponsor per Breakfast Club event; benefits include:

- A seat on the panel
- Delivery of a FASTtalk presentation
- Leading the Audience Polling session
- Branding recognition in promotions
- Full contact information of all registrants
- And more!

Upcoming Events:

  • January – A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Examining the DEI Journey

  • February – Collaboration Equity in a Hybrid World

  • March – Owning the Leadership Role: Learning Leaders' Expanding Skillsets

  • April – Journey to the Metaverse

  • May – Driven by Data: Accountability Measures for DEI Outcomes

  • June – Mobilizing Talent for the Future

  • July – Investing in Coachability for Organizational Effectiveness

  • August – Tapping Into Untapped Talent

  • September – Navigating the Contemporary Learning Ecosystem

  • October – Differentiated Development: Rethinking Inclusion in Learning

  • November – The Modern Leadership Toolkit: Empathy With Accountability

  • December – Metrics Matter … Now, More Than Ever