Apply to Sponsor: 2024 Breakfast Club

Fill out the form on this page to express your interest in 2024 sponsorship opportunities. We're gearing up for another year of engaging coffee-fueled discussions, where we'll delve into the most pressing workplace issues that impact the intersection of learning and development and business strategy. As always, our events are guided by industry experts and follow the familiar, straightforward format, delivering excellent benefits. 


Each Breakfast Club event is 90 to 120 minutes and consists of:

  • Welcome Address from our event host
  • 60-minute panel with Q&A
  • 15- to 20-minute FASTtalk with Q&A
  • 15- to 20-minute Audience Polling session
  • Closing Address from our event host


One exclusive sponsor per Breakfast Club event; benefits include:

  • A seat on the panel
  • Delivery of a FASTtalk presentation
  • Leading the Audience Polling session
  • Branding recognition in promotions
  • Full contact information of all registrants
  • And more!

Upcoming Events:

  • January 31 – Uniting Learner + Business Strategy for the Future

  • February 28 – A Transformative, Skills-Based Approach to Talent Management

  • March 27 – Tech Check: Getting Intentional With AI

  • April 24 – Budgets & Bottom Lines for L&D Impact

  • May 22 – Resilience Through Change: Talent Leaders as Change Agents

  • June 26 – Charting Career Paths: Empowering People Through Internal Mobility

  • July 24 – The Great Skills Journey: Upskilling & Reskilling at Scale

  • August 28 – Using AI to Drive Equity and Diversity in High-Performing Teams

  • September 25 – Being Mindful With Metrics

  • October 29 – Seize This Pivotal Moment in Leadership Development Transformation

  • November 20 – Reflections and Projections: A Chief Talent Officer Roundtable

  • December 11 – From 2024 to the Future: A Chief Learning Officer Roundtable