Contribute to Chief Learning Officer

Chief Learning Officer's editorial calendar runs on a quarterly basis. The editorial team is interested in article pitches covering all aspects of learning and development and talent management. However, each quarter we select a particular area of focus for each publication to allow us to hone in on timely, important topics. Download our 2024 Editorial Calendar here.

Chief Learning Officer offers various opportunities to contribute content focused on learning and development for an audience of more than 280,000 global learning and talent leaders. We accept content proposals from practitioners in the learning and development space on an ongoing basis. At this time, content proposals from provider organizations, consultants and executive coaches in the L&D, HR and talent development space will be limited to our corporate members.

Internal-Facing Practitioners
Please submit your proposal via Chief Learning Officer's Call for Proposals Form. If your proposal is selected, a BMG editor will be in touch.

Provider Organizations, Consultants and Executive Coaches
We invite you to learn more about the benefits of BMG's Corporate Membership Program and how it can amplify your brand's impact in learning and development. Some advantages of becoming a BMG corporate member include: Exclusive promotions, magazine exposure and the opportunity to tell your story to a global audience.

Accepted Content
Features: Features can be on any topic and can run any length; however, we suggest keeping them under 1,800 words. Feature submissions that include product information, vendor quotes or any marketing/advertising information associated with a vendor will NOT be considered for publication. In addition, features must not argue for a general L&D approach or solution if the author of the article works for a company that provides such a solution.

Guest Editorials: Guest editorials are opinion-based articles that explore and provide commentary on a theme or issue within learning and development. Guest editorial submissions that include product information, vendor quotes or any marketing/advertising information associated with a vendor will NOT be considered for publication.

Profiles and Case Studies: Profiles take an up-close look at an individual learning leader’s life and career in L&D. Case studies explore a particular learning challenge faced by an organization and how it approached and solved the issue. Profiles and case studies are written by CLO staff. However, if you know a learning leader who has had great success in their role, overcome unusual challenges in L&D, or followed an interesting career path, please email the editors to suggest the person as a profile subject. Similarly, if your organization has approached and solved a particular learning challenge and you think it would make an interesting case study, we would love to hear from you.

Once an article has been selected to run on, the author will be asked to sign an author’s agreement. Among other legalities, this contract verifies that the article selected for publication has not been published previously and that it will not be published again in the future. In addition, the contract gives Chief Learning Officer exclusive rights and editorial control over the article. If your article has been previously published, if you plan to publish it in the future, or if you are not willing to sign the article’s rights over to Chief Learning Officer, we will not be able to publish your article.