Getting Started With Coaching & Mentoring


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What's Covered

What does coaching and mentoring look like at your organization? Did you know mentorship is one of the most important ways to help employees see a future at your company? Take a look at our new guide on how to set your program and those participating in it — up for success, complete with a handy checklist for getting started!
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  • OpenSesame Inc. is a Portland based educational technology company that provides an online marketplace for buying and selling SCORM e-learning courses focused primarily on employee training. Its online training platform, directly connects content providers with employees and businesses for online training resources and specially designed courses for professionals, which can be accessed through a Learning management system. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. As of January 2016, OpenSesame tracks around 20,000 courses from more than 300 vendors.